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The Impossible

The quiet before the storm can be scarier at times than the actual storm itself. Not the case in “The Impossible” a movie about a tsunami that occurred in Thailand back in 2004 giving very little warning before it hit causing its victims to fight for their lives like they never imagined. “The Impossible” an appropriate title for this movie tells the story of a families endurance and how the mind and body needs to work together to have a chance at surviving such a force of nature. Having the good fortune of never actually witnessing a tsunami I was provoked into watching this film.

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Silver Linings Playbook

So what does a parent do when their grown son has made a mess of his life for failing to come to terms with his bipolar disorder? In Silver Lining Playbook a Mom and Dad grab onto their sons football jersey for a very bumpy ride. I am happy to say that I became very excited to be viewing this movie within the first 5 minutes. Love it when a director is clever enough to start the story showcasing the character that is most emotionally connected to the subject matter. Jacki Weaver played that role like so few actors could.

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