Silver Linings Playbook

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So what does a parent do when their grown son has made a mess of his life for failing to come to terms with his bipolar disorder? In Silver Lining Playbook a Mom and Dad grab onto their sons football jersey for a very bumpy ride. I am happy to say that I became very excited to be viewing this movie within the first 5 minutes. Love it when a director is clever enough to start the story showcasing the character that is most emotionally connected to the subject matter. Jacki Weaver played that role like so few actors could. How could you not be immediately invested in a story about parents who look like they haven’t exhaled in decades? You find yourself from the start rooting for this family hoping for a healthy outcome for all involved. As the story reveals all the characters, you continue to have that feeling as they are so relevant in their own right and collectively need each other in order to be happy.
The main character played by Bradley Cooper is a man obsessed in getting the opportunity to retry a marriage that had previously failed not realizing that he is still unequipped. His stay at a mental health facility comes to an end after his mother wants another try at helping him by bringing him home. His father brilliantly played by Robert DeNiro is also another plus in his life. The story takes you on a journey of collective players such as family members, love interest, friends, and professionals all playing a role in the success of an individual with bipolar illness. The role of his present love interest is played by Jennifer Lawrence. Her character is struggling with losing her husband and dealing with her own demons. Although he is not ready, she is determined to start a healthy lifestyle and relationship with Bradley Cooper’s character. In her relentless and clever efforts to do so, she charms the pants off of all the other characters in turn, healing herself. The dynamics between all the characters was moving, very funny and I am sure familiar to so many families out there. So awesome to see self-awareness unfold and the unconditional love of parents and true friends triumph, because we all know it doesn’t always work but it’s so worth a shot trying. Good for you Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence you both hit a home run alongside a great cast (the whole cast :) )