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President Lin can, I mean President Lincoln our 16th president, the man Steven Spielberg longed to make a movie about only if Daniel Day-Lewis would agree to play the challenging role. Daniel Day-Lewis refused the offer back in 2003 based on the script presented to him at that time. He felt the original script was lacking and had no interest in playing the part. Fast forward six years later armed with a much different script Steven Spielberg got his wish. Daniel Day-Lewis was intrigued with this new approach of show casing President Lincoln’s last four months of life. It makes perfect sense if you’re going to play President Lincoln play him at the point in time he accomplished the incredible task of abolishing slavery. There is no other male actor on this planet or any other that challenges his talent to the degree that Daniel Day-Lewis does. Apparently it’s a must have requirement that the roles he accepts are the kind that only he should play and no one else. There’s no waiting to see his magic the movie starts with his striking presence and you instantly know he is not going to disappoint you or anyone else watching. I have often heard people say I would never want the job of being President. It’s clearer to me after watching this movie how a President ages much more so then normal while in office. Working tirelessly President Lincoln struggles during the civil war to reunite the States saving the union and abolishing slavery. Daniel Day-Lewis’ portrayal of Abraham Lincoln a President admired and loved and a favorite of so many people captured his quiet pounding fight and struggle against the resistance of others in power. Watching Sally Fields play the role of Mary Todd was a treat as well. Some would say that the first lady suffered from bipolar disorder making life in the White House a struggle for her and her husband the President. I feel the success of this movie was due to Daniel Day-Lewis’ brilliant performance. He put it all out there to tell this story with the use of his body and voice. I felt the cold air that surrounded him in every room of his house, his concerns for our nation, the pain in his heart when his wife was unhappy, and the worries of a father. It was interesting and enjoyable to watch this film another well-acted movie that touches on how different yet not so different life was then in comparison to today. Thankfully it’s possible to live a more comfortably today. What needs to remain consistent is that all world leaders serve all the people.