The Impossible

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The quiet before the storm can be scarier at times than the actual storm itself. Not the case in “The Impossible” a movie about a tsunami that occurred in Thailand back in 2004 giving very little warning before it hit causing its victims to fight for their lives like they never imagined. “The Impossible” an appropriate title for this movie tells the story of a families endurance and how the mind and body needs to work together to have a chance at surviving such a force of nature. Having the good fortune of never actually witnessing a tsunami I was provoked into watching this film. So many families including my own go on vacation to a tranquil setting in the tropics for rest and relaxation never expecting to be separated by a tsunami. This family finds themselves in an unbearable existence. Parents caring for their children and children are found caring for their parents in very disturbing circumstances. Children are capable of so much more then we think especially when afraid of never seeing a parent again. The performances giving by all the actors collectively worked well. Do I think it should win an Oscar for best picture, no. Should you go see it, yes. Thankfully most of us will never experience a tsunami and after watching this movie I understanding nd now what an impossible day really looks like.