The Guilt Trip

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The Guilt Trip, A movie I wanted to see with my 23 year old son. On this particular day that was not possible, he was spending time with his lovely girlfriend. That’s okay maybe we will and maybe we won’t lol. Instead I went with my lovely husband (his dad). Not fully thinking, it had not occurred to me that my husband loved and lost his mom and could possibly be sensitive to this movie. Don’t know if it was meant to work out this way, us going together but luckily it wasn’t the kind of movie that would make a son cry. It was the kind of movie that makes a mom cry and laugh and I did both. Having said all of that it was a very cute movie. This is a story about a mom worrying about her son and a son worried about his mom. He invites his mom on a business road trip after learning about her lost love that happened to reside in one of the cities they were visiting. There’s a lot of talking that takes place when two people are in a car on a road trip for days and days.
Talk that may not happen at home where you can get away from each other or better said where a son can implement an exit plan. We sometimes think we have our loved ones all figured out and then POW your hit with something you never saw coming. I did appreciate the depiction of a smart but thick headed son, a bit of an epidemic that has recently come to my attention. He fails to recognize that his mom having been his biggest fan learning his strengths and weaknesses since birth could possibly have some great ideas tailored specifically for him. I felt the chemistry between the mother played just perfectly by Barbara Streisand and the son played by Seth Rogen was lacking a little. I didn’t feel the love from Seth Rogen in this particular role. I felt he was holding back a little. Whereas Barbara Streisand embraces it like she meant it, and that’s what saved the show. This movie touched on something I recently am struggling with.
How a relationship changes between a mother and son after he reaches a certain age. The relationship needs to be revaluated and tweaked. This Thanksgiving while in the car with my husband and kids (a 23 yr. old son and a 15 yr. old daughter) I was chatting with my mom on the phone. At first we all wished her a Happy Thanksgiving kids and hubby. Then I had my own one on one conversation with her. After hanging up I said to my son “ did you notice how patient and respectful I was toward grandma”? He said “yea”. Even at this age I still learn a lot from my mom. As you get older you learn to value the wisdom of a person who has lived longer and loves you more than life itself. The advice that a loving parent gives a child of any age young or old is thought out very carefully and taken very seriously. Parents care about the relationship with their children so much that they are willing to let go of their babies and welcome their adult offspring when they start behaving like one. I saw this unfold in The Guilt Trip”. It is so cool and awesome to have a parent in your life as an adult. I love and value my time and phone conversations with my mom and appreciate how she treats me like an adult when I need her to, and her baby when I need her to. I can only have that with her. I can’t imagine how happy my mom was when I started to show signs of maturity. I think that’s when she starting smiling a lot while she was around me and going away on vacations that lasted six months. Do we not have sensitivity for our friends? Give a little of that to mom and dad. It will keep you from having a Guilt Trip.