La Isla Restaurant Hoboken

Walked into this res to a song by Marc Anthony, so if I don't like the meal I thought at least I will be listening to great music and sitting with my honey in a very pretty setting. So here we go taking a leap and ordering some cocktails which did not go well at the last Cuban restaurant we went to (Victors Cafe) located somewhere in the 40's on the west-side . So sad cocktails are no bueno at this Cuban Restaurant too meaning way to much ice not enough cocktail. I promise I am not a lush just want more than a sip and a half. Ordered a salad that consist of sliced tomatoes, sliced avocado, sliced red onion, a slight drizzle of olive oil and that's it. OK some would argue whats wrong with that, I say lots, there was zero flavor and really nothing special, very basic. La Isla Restaurant in Hoboken NJ had fun music, a very nice setting, and the servers were pleasant and courteous. I recommend if you want to check it out try the plantains they were crispy thin and delicious. The chicken soup and pork chops were also good.