Bad Dining Experience

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Our Bad Restaurant experiences

Victors Cafe NYC

Looks like Victors Café doesn’t feel it’s important to provide the polenta mentioned in their menu claiming it comes with the salmon and the mojito that should have been in the glass along with all those ice cubes. After a long work week my poor hubby and I visited his ailing father then drove from the Bronx to 52nd street in the city to treat ourselves to a well-deserved meal and cocktail. But unfortunately Victors Café doesn’t give a mojito or a polenta about their customers and only cares about their pocket. Gave them a chance to rectify missing the glass with actual fluid but they declined the offer- but taking our $170 was within their moral compass.

McLoone's Pier House Hoboken

Hey McLoone’s Pier House in Hoboken get ready for some big news you don’t have to be Italian to learn how to cook pasta al dente. Its simple stuff cook your pasta al dente its ok it doesn’t matter your name is McLoone’s LOL. Its 2016 I am sitting at your res looking at the beautiful view of Manhattan and then the horrible thing happens I get a bowl of mushy pasta. So sad with a view like yours it was tragic.