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Argo a science fiction movie script found buried under a pile of hundreds by CIA agent Tony Mendez along with the help of Hollywood producers played a significant part in saving 6 American lives. The movie Argo is based on a true story about the same 6 Americans who escaped the American Embassy in Tehran back in 1979 from the attack of violent Islamist students and militants who supported the Iranian revolution. Unlike the sci-fi script the actual movie directed by Ben Affleck does not sit on the bottom of any pile, it sits way on the top as potentially best movie of the year. In desperation of being found and killed these six Americans quickly find refuge at the mercy of the Canadian Embassy. Washington immediately starts to work on an exit plan that would be their best chance having so many restrictions and impossible conditions to work with. The outcome looked very grave. Ideas were thrown around and the better of the bad ideas was a cover story using Argo a science fiction script describing Iran as the perfect setting for this movie. The role of CIA agent Tony Mendez assigned to carry out the mission in getting the six out of Iran was played brilliantly by Ben Affleck.

This is a fast paced movie from the very start to the very finish. The six Americans had to quickly decide whether or not to trust agent Mendez’s plan and learn their new identities for any chance of survival. You see the plan was to present the six as movie makers in Iran to explorer the potential of shooting Argo the sci-fi movie. The pressure of quickly finding courage within oneself must have been the same feeling times 100 that was felt and fueled the actions taken by the heroic passengers on the United Airlines flight 93 on September 11th 2001. They were not going down without a fight or putting other innocent people at risk. The intensity and reality of having to pull this off with very little time to prepare or digest was felt throughout the entire film. I was a child back in 1979 and now as I watched the film I remember how I felt so nervous for the Iranian Hostages and how the monsters with guns scared the crap out of me. It’s not often that you hear about quite heroes out there in the world doing courageous work behind the scenes. This is a cool and awesome story that gives you hope during desperate times such as now. In today’s world we all need to find untapped courage. That sort of thing makes for great movie making.

Ok, now I see why women fall in love with Ben Affleck (like my mom) who fell in love with him for just his looks. If she only knew how he is so much more than that. After viewing Argo I fell in love with not only his looks but his intelligence, talent, and spirit. Love people who love people. All the actors whether it was the ones who played the hostages or the ones who played people who helped the hostages they all did a great job portraying a look of terror. I say run don’t walk to go see this film.



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