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Emmys The VIew

Joy Behar I Love you but wtf. This morning on your show you expressed your distaste for public displays of affection regarding the marriage proposal on the Emmys last night. Actually it was you and Sunny whom I also love. So I did not watch the Emmys last night I learned about the proposal this morning. My 21 year old daughter who is presently attending college came home this morning and while we were having a very late breakfast we watched The View (my favorite show). For the record my daughter and I are not fans of witnessing public displays of affection.

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La Isla Restaurant Hoboken

Walked into this res to a song by Marc Anthony, so if I don't like the meal I thought at least I will be listening to great music and sitting with my honey in a very pretty setting. So here we go taking a leap and ordering some cocktails which did not go well at the last Cuban restaurant we went to (Victors Cafe) located somewhere in the 40's on the west-side . So sad cocktails are no bueno at this Cuban Restaurant too meaning way to much ice not enough cocktail. I promise I am not a lush just want more than a sip and a half.

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Victors Cafe NYC

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The Impossible

The quiet before the storm can be scarier at times than the actual storm itself. Not the case in “The Impossible” a movie about a tsunami that occurred in Thailand back in 2004 giving very little warning before it hit causing its victims to fight for their lives like they never imagined. “The Impossible” an appropriate title for this movie tells the story of a families endurance and how the mind and body needs to work together to have a chance at surviving such a force of nature. Having the good fortune of never actually witnessing a tsunami I was provoked into watching this film.

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President Lin can, I mean President Lincoln our 16th president, the man Steven Spielberg longed to make a movie about only if Daniel Day-Lewis would agree to play the challenging role. Daniel Day-Lewis refused the offer back in 2003 based on the script presented to him at that time. He felt the original script was lacking and had no interest in playing the part. Fast forward six years later armed with a much different script Steven Spielberg got his wish. Daniel Day-Lewis was intrigued with this new approach of show casing President Lincoln’s last four months of life.

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Argo a science fiction movie script found buried under a pile of hundreds by CIA agent Tony Mendez along with the help of Hollywood producers played a significant part in saving 6 American lives. The movie Argo is based on a true story about the same 6 Americans who escaped the American Embassy in Tehran back in 1979 from the attack of violent Islamist students and militants who supported the Iranian revolution. Unlike the sci-fi script the actual movie directed by Ben Affleck does not sit on the bottom of any pile, it sits way on the top as potentially best movie of the year.

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The Guilt Trip

The Guilt Trip, A movie I wanted to see with my 23 year old son. On this particular day that was not possible, he was spending time with his lovely girlfriend. That’s okay maybe we will and maybe we won’t lol. Instead I went with my lovely husband (his dad). Not fully thinking, it had not occurred to me that my husband loved and lost his mom and could possibly be sensitive to this movie. Don’t know if it was meant to work out this way, us going together but luckily it wasn’t the kind of movie that would make a son cry.


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